Bouchačka (The Shooter)

Sleeping? Dreaming? Awake? With which one of them?
One man who doesn't know what to do with himself and with two women between whom he finds himself.
A chamber duet of two people who are not sure whether they live together or only next to each other. Is the third one redundant in here?

Story and direction: Jiří Pokorný
Choreografická spolupráce: Halka Třešňáková & Lukáš Homola
Performing: Lukáš Homola (DOT504) and guests – Halka Třešňáková & Kateřina Winterová
Artistic director: Lenka Ottová
Music: Ivan Acher
Costumes: Zuzana Bambušek Krejzková
Photo: Petr Otta
Lighting engineering: Pavel Kotlík
Sound engineering: Michal Sýkora

- premiere 4.11.2013, Theatre Ponec
- photo

This project was created with the support of: The City of Prague, Ponec - The Dance Venue, Tanec Praha, NGO, Dance Perfect Studio

Media partner: EXPRES Radio 90.3 FM