- premiere January 13, 2008
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“Power – in its essence and when at its zenith – scorns change. It is satisfied with itself; it wants only itself. In this form, humans have always seen it as remarkable, as something that is absolute and without responsibility and existing for nobody and nothing but itself. Whenever it appeared in this form, humans have always been fascinated by it; and still today nothing can stop it from being rediscovered in this form.”

Performing: Vojtěch Fülep, Andrea Lamešová, Pavel Mašek, Lenka Vágnerová
Choreography: Lenka Vágnerová
Sound design: David VrbĂ­k
Scenography: Renáta Weidlichová
Light design: Patrik Sedlák
Photos: Petr Otta

This project was supported by:
City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Ponec Theatre & Civic Organisation Tanec Praha, DANCE PERFECT Studio

Media Partner:
Radio 1