Lenka Ottová

13th April 1959

The artistic head and choreographer of the ensemble is Lenka Ottová, who belongs to the middle generation of artists. Thanks to her maturity and insight, she is able to report on the subtleties of human intimacy, on the private disclosure of love and loneliness, and on the most intimate and deepest reaches of our sole and nature, all intelligibly in the language of dance. Her choreography always combines a visual and musical plan perfectly, and with great feeling for composition mixes solos and duets with group dancing.

After completing her studies at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University, she began to focus fully on her artistic and creative abilities in the dance ensemble DOMINO Dance Company (now DOT 504), which she founded in 1996. DOT 504 performs its work at the festival Tanec Praha (Dance Prague) and was chosen in 2000 to represent the Czech Republic in the Trans Danse Europe 2000 tour through the European Cities of Culture 2000 (Avignon, Helsinki, Bologna, Reykjavik, Brussels and others). In 2001, Lenka Ottová completed her choreography studies at the Music Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. In addition to these artistic endeavours, she is the owner of DANCE PERFECT – the largest dance studio in Prague and the Czech Republic.