[We’ve Been Told…]

We‘ve been told:
“You are a family. Stick together and you‘ll be the happiest family ever. The happiest family in the world.”

Concept, choreography:  Anton Lachky, Eleonore Valère Lachky
Performing:  DOT504 – Anna Karenina Lambrechts (BE), Pavel Mašek (CZ), Angel Duran Muntada (UK) & Ioulia Zacharaki (GR) as a special guest
Music:  musical collage
Costumes concept:  Anton Lachky
Costumes:  Agáta Seeháková
Lighting design:  Jan Tomšů
Sound:  Matěj Urban / Tomáš Novotný
DOT504’s artistic director:  Lenka Ottová
Production manager:  Jana Martinů
Premiere:  November 3, 2017, Ponec – the dance venue
Producer:  DOT504 Dance Company © 2017
Co-producer:  Tanec Praha / Ponec – the dance venue
Special acknowledgement:  Klára Elšíková, Eleonore, Nina, Noem

Photography: Petr Otta © 2017
Graphic design: Petr Otta © 2017

Media partner: EXPRES FM radio

Project support:  The city of Prague, Foundation Artist‘s Life, Tanec Praha / Ponec – the dance venue, Dance Perfect Studio


Crazy family journey: dance and legend

This playful show is balancing on the border of reality and fantasy, it captures the audience with its wide vocabulary of movements and although it is hard to find a serious topic in it, it manages to distinctively entertain the audience. It is a combination of mystification and dynamic contemporary dance.

Family Journey - Bizarre Family in Dynamic Motion Shots

Family Journey is somewhat a crazy spectacle that will make you smile on your lips or even laugh. She enjoys giving her insight into the interesting aspects of today's lifestyle brought by quality dancers in well-crafted choreography.

Ministry of Silly Walks

The bodies of the dancers burst, or crackle with tension, and this tension drains in absurd grotesque. This dance humor (and it's one of the most difficult disciplines), the audience cheers loudly like pub jokes. Dancers trumpet in crazy dancing "numbers". Lachky is - it could be said - the head of the Department of Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks.
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