Take a glimpse at a couple’s limited patience, a humanistic break down of the borders that contain them. Preserving the genetic molecules running through their body, they train daily exercises to stay fit and healthy..

Yet they’re probably just a couple of jerks dancing to their own DNA, amusing themselves to death.

When you applaud, you encourage. But beware what you celebrate.

Concept & Choreography: Paul M Blackman & Christine Gouzelis [JukStaPoz]
Performing: DOT504 Dance Company – 
Nathan Jardin & Teresa Noronha Feio
Music: mix
Lighting design: David Prokopič
Sound: Tomáš Novotný
Entry Storyteller: Tom Waits
Costumes: Paul M Blackman & Christine Gouzelis
Premiere: October 17 & 18, 2015 Ponec – the dance venue
Artistic director DOT504: 
Mgr. Lenka Ottová
Rehearsal director: Michaela Ottová
Producer: © DOT504 2015
Co-producer: Tanec Praha
Production manager: Klára Elšíková
Photo & graphics: Petr Otta © 2015
Project logo: Radek Rytina © 2015

Special thanks: Lucia Kašiarová & ALTA Studio, Daniel Raček, Kristian Smith

Project was supported by:
Ministery of Culture of the Czech Republic, The City of Prague, Municipal District of Prague 3, 
State Found of Culture of the Czech Republic, Delegation of the Flanders Government in Prague,  Ponec – the Dance Venue & Dance Perfec tStudio

Media partner: Expres Radio 90,3 FM


Dance probe into the world of impatience with DOT504

The story of their one hour-long stage performance called Physical Jerks is universal for all of the present day society.